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Caring for your designer candle

Thank you for purchasing a designer candle from me. I hope you enjoy your candle as much as I loved creating it.

As these candles are made with a few extra pieces of decoration compared to your standard candle, I thought I’d share some tips on how best to care for them.

If there is any decoration near to the wick, you may need to move or remove them before lighting your candle, as this will create excess wax in your melt pool, which in turn may then drown out your wick. Each piece of decoration, large or small, has been stuck on with wax glue, so is very easy to remove or put back on the candle (you could move things around carefully so that it won’t affect the burning.

I often leave my roses in place and they melt with the rest of the candle; just keep an eye on the flame(s).

If you do experience wick drowning or excess wax, simply blow out the flame(s) and empty your pool of excess wax into a container or piece of paper (allow to harden before moving and I always find greaseproof paper to be useful) before re-lighting. Please note that the wax will be warm/hot to the touch, so do take care to avoid direct contact with skin or spillages.

Please always remember to trim your wick(s) to approximately 1cm before lighting for the first and subsequent times. Always place your candle on a heat resistant surface before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.

If any items of decoration fall off after purchase and/or before lighting, you should be able to press gently back into place; remember wax is fragile and may snap/break if too much pressure is applied.

If there are larger pieces of decoration on your candle (e.g. a rose), you may wish to remove this before lighting to retain as a keepsake, although this is not always necessary. If you’re unsure, you can always contact me.

Sphere (ball) shaped candles should be easier as the candle wax burns inward, leaving an outer shell so the decoration will remain as is.

Finally, many people say to me that their candle is too nice to burn. Please burn it. I make these candles for your enjoyment and I’m an advocate of NOT saving for best. Life is short; light the candle and enjoy the flame and happiness it brings. This is not a sales pitch, simply my wish for your enjoyment to be as great as mine.

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