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Pumpkin Spice... and all things nice!

October is here and Halloween is just around the corner. I love this time of year… cosy fires, big socks, hot chocolate and long autumn walks.

Orange is the colour of October, not just because of the beautiful autumnal colours (think greens turning to beautiful hues of orange, yellow and brown), but it’s also Halloween and the call of the pumpkin! Orange is a warm colour and can make us feel happy, energetic, enthused, excited and bring feelings of warmth. It can also signify prosperity, sophistication and change. All in all, a good colour I would say! On the down side, it can create a feeling of irritation and also stimulate our appetite… hot chocolate anyone..?

Pumpkin Stories

Interesting Fact: Did you know that pumpkin is a fruit? The tradition of carving faces into vegetables dates back to the Celts. As part of their autumnal celebration, they wanted to light the way to their homes for the good spirits, so they carved faces into vegetables such as turnips and a light was placed within the hollowed out vegetable.

These carved vegetables were eventually called Jack O’Lanterns and it was only later that America introduced us to pumpkins.

If you love to carve your own pumpkin, head over to Ellon, Aberdeenshire to pick your own! Have a fun day out with the kids and visit Udny Pumpkins to find yours. Open 20 – 28 October, 10am – 4pm (closed on 22nd), no need to book and no entry fee. I can’t wait to go and pick mine!

Just for fun!

Challenge: I’d love to see your autumn and/or Halloween pictures! Let your creative side go wild and do something different with your pumpkin this year; it doesn’t have to be spooky! For lots of great ideas, look up Pinterest

Share your pics on Instagram and tag me @janismacleancandles or post them to my Facebook page!

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