If you're looking for an alternative to the regular candle, then this is it! You don't have to use a flame with a lantern (I always prefer a flame, you can't beat it), but the point is, you have a CHOICE


This wax lantern is made from a special blend of wax, which means it won't melt when you use it appropriately (care instructions to be posted on the blog). But you can use a) a real tealight - when you purchase a lantern, a tealight is included and you can purchase more from me; or b) a fake tealight... or c) which is my 2nd favourite, some fairylights! So you can have the candle effect without any flame! Great for mums with young children or if you just want an all day light and there is no need to worry about leaving it on. No melting, no flame, no heat, no danger (this does not apply if you choose to use a real tealight). 


Size: approx 12cm(W) x 12cm(H)


Wax Lantern

  • Caring for your wax lantern: Handmade and always unique, no design is ever the same.


    Please use the recommended size of tealight which is appropriate for your lantern. I recommend that you do not use a scented tealight as this can have an impact on the size of your flame.


    Make sure your tealight is placed in the centre of your lantern. Do not leave your tealight burning for more than 4 hours at any one time.


    As with any candles and/or wax products, don’t place in direct sunlight or near heaters and once lit, never leave a candle unattended.


    Keep out of reach of children & pets and out of draughts. Do not move while lit. Never use a candle as a nightlight.

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