Christmas is the perfect time of year for candlelight and this candle makes the perfect addition to your sparkly, festive display in December. 


Hand made and decorated, the one shown is made in a cool winter blue, but other colours are available to fit with your decor. All decoration will be in white. 


The main candle is made with rapeseed oil wax and the decorations are made using a blend of paraffin wax, making a great burning candle. No additives and please note, this candle is not scented, as with all my candles. 


Christmas Snow Scene


    Approximately 12.5cm in diameter, this candle will burn for 60+ hours.

    To get the best from your candle, please remember:

    * always trim the wicks after purchase to approximately 1cm

    * always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface

    * and place your candle on a flat, level surface

    * when you first light your candle, give it time, allowing a minimum of 2-3 hours to create a melt pool, therefore avoiding any future re-lighting issues or waste

    * I recommend that you burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time

    * always trim your wick to approximately 1cm before re-lighting

    * avoid placing your candles where they will be directly exposed to sunlight or harsh indoor lighting, such as a spotlight. Candles may fade if they are left in bright light for an extended period of time.

    * never leave a burning candle unattended

    * with candles that are not in a jar/container, you don't want to burn it all the way to the bottom (melted wax can be messy); so once there's about 1cm of wax left on the bottom, it's time to say goodbye

    * in case of any drips or spillages, rapeseed wax is much softer than traditional paraffin and will clean up easily with warm soapy water.

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